Stock Tire

Replace Your Stock Tire at Joe's Window Tint.

When you first drive your vehicle off of the lot, you are leaving on a set of stock tires. Stock tires are also known as Original Equipment Tires, often shortened to just 'OEM'. Stock tires were put on the vehicle during the manufacturing process. While many people may look down on the stock tires, there are clear advantages to leaving them on your car.

A stock tire is selected to specifically fit and operate on your vehicle. This convenience factor is ideal. If you liked the way that your car drove with stock tires on the body, then you should replace your stock tire with the same model when you get the chance. Stock tires aren't always perfect, but they provide a well-rounded approach to operating on the road.

Whether you want new stock tires or custom tires showcasing your personality, Joe's Window Tint can be of service. We are located in Golden, CO, and we are committed to satisfying the needs of our loyal customers.